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PURE CLA is formulated from an extract rich in Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLA) of plant origin, dosed at 3000 mg per day.

Thanks to its highly purified and concentrated 92% lipid extract, PURE CLA offers one of the most concentrated CLA on the French market.

This extract contains antioxidant vitamin E which helps preserve its properties. EAFIT MINCEUR ACTIVE has selected CLARINOL, an extract of Conjugated Linoleic Acids, the results of which have been scientifically tested.


  • Help refine the silhouette
  • Help limit the formation of fatty tissue (safflower)


In order to stabilize your weight, it is essential to maintain a sports activity. Regarding the destocking of rebellious fats often located in the stomach, hips and thighs, consider practicing targeted exercises, in series and several times a week.

CHARLOTTE CONSORTI, triple world champion in Kite Speed, recommends Pure CLA from Eafit:

"I found my happiness with the combination of PURE CLA and L-Carnitine to have energy while controlling the fats of my metabolism. PURE CLA in a 1 month program and L-Carnitine in drink format, 1h30 before each workout. It's ideal ... Especially before competitions! "

Batch of 2 boxes of 90 capsules - 30 days program - Net weight: 128 g

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Ingredients: conjugated linoleic acid from safflower oil (antioxidant: mixture of natural tocopherols) - Capsule: gelatin.


Lipid extract rich in Conjugated Linoleic Acid
3000 mg
- of which CLA
2760 mg
* VRN: Nutritional Reference Values

How to use this product?

Dislodging the fat installed is not easy but with a good diet, sport and this superb product the results will be there!

Take 2 capsules in the morning, 2 capsules at noon and 2 capsules in the evening. Preferably 1/2 hour before the meal over a minimum period of 6 to 12 weeks.

The program can be renewed as often as necessary.

Precautions for use : Food supplement. Do not exceed the recommended dose. It is advisable to consume this supplement as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of young children. Close well after opening. Store away from heat and humidity. Consume preferably before the date indicated on the bottle.

This product has been developed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of EN 17444 as of the production date of the batch. Compliance with the standard refers to the implementation of good development and manufacturing practices aimed at preventing the presence of prohibited substances but does not guarantee the absence of such substances. The standard does not constitute approval for use for those subject to anti-doping control.

Nome AFNOR EN 17444
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