Who are we?


EAFIT is THE benchmark brand in sports nutrition. A pioneer and already innovative in 1991, it was she who created the market in France. It has always favored the manufacture of its products in France. For this, more than 95% of the products are made on French territory and in Europe. It shines in France, in the French overseas departments and territories, but also in many countries abroad.


Since 1991, EAFIT has been developing high quality sports nutrition products to satisfy its consumers on a daily basis. This rigor in formulation, this requirement in the selection of raw materials, has earned it a leading position in the French sports nutrition market today. Indeed, EAFIT offers formulas at the cutting edge of technology, developed by specialists in sports nutrition, in collaboration with sports doctors, nutritionists and high-level athletes.


High standards, quality and transparency are our watchwords. EAFIT respects drastic standards and carries out studies and analyzes on each product to deliver you the best of sports nutrition on a daily basis. Some of our products adhere to the charter of the world anti-doping code thanks to the AFNOR NF V 94-001 standard, subject to strict controls in terms of quality and first-rate traceability. 


In sports nutrition, there is above all nutrition. And for us it is essential! With more than 200 references to its credit, EAFIT carries out daily tests to find the best flavor! Our R and D department works on a daily basis on flavors and textures to provide you with a unique experience in the tasting of our products. We work with a great French chocolate maker who makes each of our high protein preparations.